The brand

The SH STYLE brand was born out of a journey with founder Sandra Hodel as its protagonist. Born in Lugano, her personality is characterized by creativity that leads to the birth of continuous new ideas. With a busy daily life, she gradually learned to devote her free time to practicing her passion: the desire to create.

During 2020, a very special year due to the pandemic, with a healthy dose of madness she decided to turn an idea into reality. was born, a structured project with the collaboration of a French ready-to-wear brand, as a personal stylist, which aims to enhance the "image capital" of each person.

The creation of this new identity continues and the growing passion for style, colors and the desire to create something unique and authentic lead her to discover new raw materials and interface with artisanal production workshops.
From the meeting with artisans and leatherworkers, the first collaborations are established; after several meetings, phone calls, drafts and coffee, in the spring of 2022 the first two models of SH STYLE bags see the light of day: casual chic bags to embellish every look, designed for every woman looking for elegance, originality, sophistication and comfort.

A perfect line for every occasion: from daytime at the office, to evening at dinner and in combination with an outfit designed for a special event.

New things are not slow to arrive even in 2023 with the creation of new models and special details to make timeless bags with clear lines, simple but with character.