Ti presento il brand di borse luganese: il brand dall'eleganza sussurata

I present to you the bag brand from Lugano: the brand with whispered elegance

SH style is the Lugano brand that offers exclusive bags, strictly Made in Italy, designed for everyday portability and perfect for every occasion.

The creations arise from the mind of designer Sandra Hodel, from her passion for style, colors and the desire to create something unique and authentic.

SH style is a line of casual chic bags and accessories, for a woman who loves whispered elegance but, at the same time, capable of conveying sophisticated femininity. The originality of the models does not preclude comfort: functionality is the added value of every creation; great care was also given to the research of materials and laboratories: this allowed us to start important collaborations with suppliers who are the representation of the great tradition of Italian craftsmanship.

The perfect lines for every occasion, from the day in the office to the evening at dinner.

An added value of the brand is given by the eco-sustainable approach of the collections: the creations have total transparency on the traceability of the supply chain; the high quality ensures the longevity of the product.

A collection TO DISCOVER in the showroom or directly on the site and to match with the personalized and co-created shoes by BALU Shoes.

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